Today’s Truth: She didn’t end a 5yr relationship for you..

…it appears she already had one foot out of the door and if she left she knew she could run to you.

It never ceases to amaze me how many men think that they were the chosen one.  Many time there is no excuse to leave one relationship and jump right into another one with someone else. If you feel that you are emotionally prepared to  be another relationship as soon as you close the door on your last one; then chances are you have your bags on the other side of the door already.

Relationships can’t be colored in BLACK & WHITE;  *mumbles*  unless those are the  only markers you can find. There’s definitely some gray areas for most relationships. But, if you are considering walking out that door  be sure to keep those bags put until you have checked to make sure there is not anything else that may need to be addressed.

Chances are you may not be any happier with your next partner…



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